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Fake News Is Bad For Science and Society

Another reason why we need critical thinking. There is an immeasurable amount of data flowing through cyberspace. On the surface much of what is clearly misinformation seems harmless; however, a greater amount of false news is affecting public perception, beliefs, and therefore behaviour.

In an article for Sciencenews.org, Erika Engelhaupt presents the dangers of fake news to science and society in general.

“If you care about science, that’s a big problem. As daily news moves past the election, the fake news machine isn’t likely to shut down; it will just look for new kinds of attention-grabbing headlines. Fake news about climate change, vaccines and other hot-button science topics has already proven to get clicks.”

Instead of copying the entire text here, I have linked to the original article.

You’ve probably been tricked by fake news and don’t know it https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/science-public/youve-probably-been-tricked-fake-news-and-dont-know-it

Give it a read and share it. It’s important.

Thank you!


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